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ages 10 -13
ages 13 -16
groups of 7 - 10
A Note from Nate
I started this camp four years ago in my backyard with a passion to pass on my love of filmmaking to the next generation. Over the years the camp has grown substantially, from 8 students the first year to 24 last year. With the success of the camp, we have upgraded our facilities and are launching a new-and-improved top-of-the-line camp experience.
The Camp
Groups of 7 - 10 kids team up together to craft one short film throughout the week. They each sign on as different roles, just like in the real world; director, producer, cinematographer, editor, etc. Students also have the opportunity to work with high quality camera equipment, lenses, and sound gear. Furthermore, Nate often invites his USC colleagues that are also currently working in the industry to come as guest speakers/demonstrators.

​Nate and counselors are on set with the students to oversee and help them through the process - but the students are the ones that make the movies! For the entire week, we work together as a film crew to make the best film possible. 

This camp is split up into age groups: Ages 10-13, and 13-16. These groups will act as separate film crews.

What is special about SBFC?

learn by doing
It takes a lot of time, oversight, and equipment to teach 50+ kids to make movies. So, what do many big camps do? Make kids take turns with the camera, give long lectures, and have them watch movies.

Not here. The unique thing about Santa Barbara Film Camp is that it is a small and personal group. As a result, this camp is hands-on. I am a strong believer in hands-on learning and have designed the camp around this principle. Here we learn by doing.

What will they learn?


The master storyteller. Students will learn how to direct actors, think creatively, and apply their vision to the screen.


The engine of the film set. Kids will learn how to lock locations, create call sheets, and manage a film crew.


Aperture, focal length, depth of field, lighting. Learn how to craft beautiful imagery.


The last chance to tell the story. Students will learn to edit together a final cut ready for the big screen.


How is the class structured?


Form crew / pre-production


Gear overview / test shoot


Shoot day


Shoot day


Post production / pizza party

The deliverables

copy of film
bts/bloopers video
bts photos
In movie-making, 'deliverables' are digital assets that are due, like a final cut.
With SBFC, not only does each student receive a copy of the film, but they will also take home a behind-the-scenes (bts) / bloopers video (this is usually the parents' favorite), and a digital folder containing all bts photos of the students during production.
Keep the memories.

Where is it?

This year SBFC will be upgrading locations and moving to the Montecito Academy. Its ample classrooms, safe outdoor space, and proximity to prime shooting locations such as the beach make it an ideal home for SBFC.
2246 Lillie Ave, Summerland, CA 93067


$365 / student


July 13 - 17


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