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Frequently asked questions

Who writes the scripts?

Nate does! While writing is an integral part of the film making process, this camp focuses on production. Furthermore, we want to ensure students that they have a solid, attainable script that will help them learn as much as possible.

Will food be provided?

Students will be responsible for bringing their own food everyday except for Friday, when we will have pizza delievered.

Who acts in the films?

The students will! While some students simply want to be behind the camera, others are excited about the possibility of acting. Regardless, the team comes together and fills all the positions of the cast and crew.

What if my child wants to be in the same group as their friend?

Depending on the ages, we can usually make this happen.

How are the crew positions chosen?

Priority to choose positions are are given to students through a random list generator.

How will COVID-19 affect the camp?

Fortunately, California has not been hit hard by the virus and we are opening back up. Parents will be required to sign a COVID waiver before the beginning of camp.

Will SBFC impose political/ideological thoughts on my child?

Absolutley not. It is not our job to teach your child a certain set of political or religious values. We are simply here to teach filmmaking.

What is SBFC's cancellation policy?

Due to COVID-19, we are allowing cancellations with full refunds up to one week before the camp begins.

How many kids are expected this year?

Around 25-35.

What gear will be used?

The 10-13 year old groups will be using handy-cams, tripods, and lights. The 13-16 year olds will be using DSLRs with a set of lenses, boom mics and poles, tripods, and lights.

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