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Ages 13-16, "Nocturne"
An aspiring classical pianist finds trouble fitting in as he gets ready for the big recital.
Ages 10-13: Group 1, "Operation: Compromised"
An agent hunts down a diamond thief amidst rumors of a mole in the agency.
Ages 10-13: Group 2, "Henry...?"
A wannabe stand-up comedian pushes himself to the limits in order to be funny.


Ages 10-12, "The Case of the Stolen Bicycle"
A detective and a cop hunt for the culprit of a stolen bicycle case.
Ages 13-16, "The Last Day of Summer"
Two buddies try to rack up the courage to talk to their crushes before summer is over.



"Two Bros and a TP Device"
Two buddies discover a teleportation device and try to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

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